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deltomega's staff application


نادي نصف الحياة اثنين من التفوق
Staff member
Senior Administrator
In-game name: Jeffery Carl Irving, Tai Yung Zhao, Oscar Knight, Johnny Castle.

Discord name:
deltomega#5548 | [email protected]

Steam name:
Serbian kommando weed fanatic (might change back to deltomega or good roleplayer fella soon) []

Steam ID:

Current XP:
Level 40 or higher.

Do you own a working Microphone?:
Yes, I do.

Polish. (GMT+1 if you're wondering)

Fourteen years of age.

Are you using any sort of communication program such as TeamSpeak3/Discord?:
Yes, I'm on the RG discord since 2018

Any previous staff experience?:
Fizi Gaming TTT - moderator, server shut down. | Vector Gaming SCP-RP - operator, server shut down | Avalon Gaming CW:HL2RP - moderator server shut down. | IceFuse Networks Military RP - moderator, resigned | I was also staff on a CS:GO jailbreak server, don't know if that counts though.

Why should we pick you?:
Gonna try not to re-iterate my points too many times and to keep it short. I've been in this community for- a long time, basically ever since day one of Half-Life 2 roleplay. Over time, I've managed to really get involved with the community and uh- as you can see I... "discussed" a lot on the forums (I figured that could help prove my involvement). - TL;DR: Been actively involved in the community for a long time. | I am quite experienced in staffing and I consider myself fully capable of performing staff duty. Of course, no person will ever be free of any sort of bias, but I think I am exceptionally good at keeping my point of view from jading me when on duty. I've been staff on HL2RP for quite a long time and I am a Senior Admin, so I think it sort of proves that - TL;DR I think I am overall competent. | I've been to many serious roleplay servers and I consider myself an ExPeRIenceD RolEplayer, which means that I could help create events and help encourage roleplay. To add onto that, it'll be easier for me to spot a player that doesn't care about roleplay and to solve any fail-rp related disputes. TL;DR Good at roleplay | Probably the most important things - I simply enjoy helping people, I am experienced with staffing and I've been a part of this community for a long time.

What is SCP-RP about?
SCP started as a 4chan /x/ creepypasta which gave birth to the universe of the SCP Foundation Wiki. The Wiki itself contains thousands of documents submitted by a collective of writers from all around the globe. The universe itself has no true canon which allows them to release true creativity. The SCP Foundation itself is a fictional, clandestine organization, backed by multiple governments, tasked with containing and studying the paranormal. Their motto is "Secure. Contain. Protect." However, the Foundation is not alone out there; there are multiple other groups of interest- some try to destroy the anomalous, others make money by selling paranormal artifacts and some view the unnatural as deities and worship them. With the world being at risk of destruction every day, be it at the hand of the cultists summoning a destructive entity, or a powerful reality-bender accidentally thinking about turning the sun off, the Foundation must protect humanity from destruction.

Now, onto the RP part. Roleplay is all about telling a story and playing a character. It's about world development and player interaction. If you want your character to be a thug, he must act like it. If your character is a professional, overtly strict asshole- you must act like it. And if your character is a border-line insane conspiracy theorist or cultist- act like it. You chose a character name and your role that you will roleplay as. There's a lot, and I mean a lot of different roles to chose. Roles are not limited to jobs in the F4 menu. The Civilian job, for example, can open opportunities to roleplay as anything from a John Doe running a shop to being a weak reality-bender that has just discovered his abilities and was scared by the fact that he could warp in a couch. There are virtually limitless opportunities, try and be creative. You may become a D-Class who was a criminal sentenced to death that was offered a contract with the foundation; thrown into the convoluted mess that is the paranormal world. Maybe you prefer to work as a researcher, conducting ethically corrupt experiments with the use of D-Class to further study the anomalous. Perhaps, you'd like to be one of the anomalous? Or maybe being an anarchist that's fighting the SCP Foundation in order to retrieve and use the anomalous objects to his own use is more your thing. There's nothing left to do but start developing your character's story. Both through in-game interactions and forum based documents. Of course, this does not mean you can roleplay as an anomalous superman jihadist on a quest to murder the entire human race.

On average, how often do you plan to play on the server per week?
This is really hard to estimate. I can sometimes play 10 hours per week and sometimes, 10 hours per day. The average would be at least 3 hours daily with sometimes even up to 7-8 hours a day. Of course, there may be those weeks where I don't get on the server at all, but that's sort of unlikely. Sundays will be somewhat inactive since I often go .. somewhere on that day,

Have you recently been warned or banned from the server?:
That's a negative chief, never got banned but I was warned once like a month ago.

Please list three (3) important ULX commands:

State the most important rules:
Do not engage in any malicious activities against the server (Ddosing, trying to crash the server, hacking, abuse)
Do not commit Random Death Match
Do not fail RP (I think this includes minging as well as metagaming and power gaming)


Player "A" called you because he has been Propkilled by Player "B", you teleport both parties to you, how do you proceed?: This one's a simple one- since the server has prop damage logs, as far as I'm aware. I would check the logs to see if player B has damaged player A with a prop. Let's say he has done it. If he has not done anything breaking the rules in the past, I would just give him a verbal warning, but if player A would like him to be warned, I would do it. If player B is a convicted rule-breaker, I would not hesitate to ban him for a day for prop killing.

After your first day of admin duty, you saw another administrator abusing, you try to speak to him but he ignores you. What do you do?: I assume that there is no other administration or hierarchy member on the server currently and that I am the same rank as he is. I would spectate the abuser whilst recording what he is doing. I would copy the logs showing him abusing (let's say he spawned in a shit ton of weapons or slew multiple players. I would contact the Staff Director (or since there is no SCPRP hierarchy, I'd just contact Logan or Aaron) and hand in the evidence of the abuse.

Two players are having issues with each other, you teleport them to you and try to solve the situation, both are talking at the same time which makes it hard to make anything out of it, how do you proceed?: Let's assume Player A argues with player B because Player B has allegedly RDMed him. Since they can't stop talking, and if I would try to speak they wouldn't hear me or would just proceed to ignore me, I would tell them to stop. If they don't I will mute two of them. Firstly, I'd unmute Player A and ask him to tell me what is the problem. Then, I would mute player A and unmute player B and let him tell his side of the story. If they would continue being hostile to each other in chat, I would warn them for toxicity. For the ease of things, let's say that player A has provided me with evidence of player B RDMing them, so I would punish B accordingly.

Someone has joined the server, and changes his name to something inappropriate - How do you proceed?:I would bring that person (because when teleporting, it's highly likely that he may not notice me or that he is around class-Ds who are talking to each other which would interrupt us.) and kindly ask them to change their name. If they do it, I'll bring him back- however, if they won't co-operate, I will give them one more verbal warning before changing their name for them and warning them. If they would change their name to something inappropriate again, I would kick them off the server.

[Extra Information]

Additional Information: If any of you are wondering why am I applying for SCP-RP, here's the answer. The server seemed to be basically a non-pay-to-win W-G, but after seeing the concept given by Mr. X, I've noticed that the server is trying to go in what for me is... the right way and my hopes in the server (which came crashing down after Confuseth/Ashibot left) got back up.
Feel fry to ask me any questions by the way.

This application has 1,559 words.

Do you acknowledge the fact that, as a staff member, abusing your powers will result in a severe punishment, and that you will have to put your duty as a staff over your roleplay? Yes, I do.


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Sep 11, 2018
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