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Server Rules

Disallowed Actions
  • Metagaming
    • Using any information gained through Out-of-Character mediums In-Character.
    • Using any information gained following a situation voided by staff In-Character.
    • Using any information related to other characters belonging to you and not having been gained through In-Character mediums.
  • Metabaiting
    • Actively posting In-Character information in Out-of-Character mediums.
    • Actively spreading information via third-party communication.
  • Powergaming
    • Unrealistically forcing your actions against other players.
      • You should attempt to conduct most actions you perform (i.e. you attempt to hit the person with the pipe).
      • This does not apply in some scenarios, very dependant on the circumstances. Apply common sense and consult staff if required.
    • Unrealistically applying an effect possibly caused by your actions.
      • This includes physical harm. If you hit someone with a pipe in the head, it is for them to call that their character has fallen unconscious, if it has.
    • Avoiding an effect on your character or property following any action.
      • An example would be getting shot in the head. If the person were standing right beside you, aiming at your head, and pulled the trigger, your character will die, and you should only provide a /me of the character dying.
    • Not allowing another player to react.
      • Even if you perform the action of shooting someone, you are obliged to allow them to /me their injuries and/or death.
      • This is exempt if the person is AFK or unwilling to perform the /me.
  • Cheating
    • Using any third party software which levitates an advantage for you.
    • Using any hardware features which provide you with an unfair advantage (i.e. a mouse with built-in macros).
    • Using any exploit within the server.
    • Injecting any sort of foreign code into your game.
  • Harming the Server
    • Actively attacking the server by any means, including Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks.
  • Backseat Moderation
    • Actively attempting to instruct staff members on which actions should be taken based on the situation.
    • Actively pointing out a violation made by another player in efforts of shaming him or conquering staff attention.
    • Actively impersonating a staff member or identifying oneself as a staff member whilst not being one.
  • Privilege Misuse
    • Using anything granted to you outside of regular bounds maliciously.
    • Using anything granted to you outside of the permitted bounds, unless directly approved by a member of the hierarchy.
  • Information Restraint Violation
    • Providing any players with any information they are not supposed to know.
      • This could be staff documents, internal faction handbooks, etcetera.
  • Discrimination
    • Discriminating another player based on their sex, gender, race, culture, nationality or any other unique factor.
    • This is fully permitted in-character unless asked to stop by a staff member within justifiable bounds.
  • Disrespectful Behaviour
    • Failure to conduct yourself respectfully whilst engaging with any other players.
    • Actively attempting to shame or harass a player under any capacity.
  • Slander
    • Falsely accusing another player of anything.
  • Wrongful Character Harm
    • Actively engaging in combat with a character without a justifiable reason.
    • Actively attacking another character with no justifiable reason.
    • Killing a character with no justifiable reason.
  • Unrealistic Actions
    • Performing any action which your character would not reasonably be able to perform.
    • Performing any action without a valid reason for your character to perform.
    • Performing any form of movement which is realistically impossible or almost impossible.
  • Malstandard Languages
    • Whilst on the server, In-Character and Out-of-Character, you are obliged to speak and type within the English language.
    • Private messages are generally exempt from this.

Additional Restrictions
  • In-Character Sexual Interactions
    • Sexual interactions between characters are permitted for as long as both parties consent.
    • Sexual interactions must be conducted via a small range or direct performance command(/MeC, /MeD) or F2Bd.
    • Sexual interactions must be ceased if requested OOCly by either party or another player.
    • Forced sexual interactions are only permitted if both parties consent, and must either be conducted via direct performance command(/MeD) or F2Bd.
  • Voiding Situations
    • Situations may be voided by an Administrator and above within justified bounds.
    • Situations may be voided by agreement of all involved parties within justified bounds.
    • Situations may not be voided solely because their void would undo an action directly harming any player's characters under any capacity.
    • Refunding of any in-game thing following a voided situation is only possible following the direct approval of a Super Administrator and above or a Roleplay Director.
  • Attacks Against the Union
    • In order to perform an attack against the Union, there must be at least three armed Union faction members actively on the server.
  • Being Away-From-Keyboard (AFK)
    • Players are generally allowed to be away from keyboard whilst staying on the server.
    • Players which are AFK must not have any weapons or uniforms equipped.
    • Players which are from active combat factions must not go AFK at any point of time.
    • Being AFK does not grant your character immunity from actions in the environment. Your character may still be searched, abducted or executed, depending on the circumstances.

Combat Engagements
  • Shoot-to-Kill (S2K)
    • S2K is the default, fallback form of combat engagement on the server.
    • S2K must be initiated via a single ranged performance action, which must not be reasonably long to not flood the chat.
      • Generally, all initiations should be via /MeL. Standard /Me may be permitted when using certain suppressed weaponry.
      • The performed action must not be posted via a bound key.
      • After the first performed action, the engaged party may also engage in S2K.
      • The initiation is valid for as long as either party is alive.
      • Initiation may not be required during specific events if previously announced by an event manager, roleplay director or hierarchy member.
    • S2K may not be initiated whilst engaged by other means.
    • Medical items may be applied during S2K, limited to one medical item. The medical item must be applied by a standard-ranged performed action(/Me). The performed action must not be bound or pasted.
  • Pain Roleplay & Fear Roleplay
    • Pain Roleplay may be ignored during S2K sessions but must be applied following.
    • Fear Roleplay may be ignored during S2K sessions.
    • Pain Roleplay may be seriously dampened for the initial period of a non-S2K engagement.

  • Character Creation
    • Character names must be serious, not similar to the name of a famous person and include both a first and last name.
      • Nicknames and middle names are allowed, for as long as they are also serious and not similar to the name of a famous person.
    • The initial description must abide by the 'Character Descriptions' section.
    • Your character must not be a recreation of a previously permanently killed character unless successfully appealed.
    • Your character must abide by canonical restrictions.
    • Your character must abide by physical restrictions.
    • Your character must be created to be used seriously; it must not be a throwaway.
  • Character Descriptions
    • Your character description must be serious and only involve factual information.
    • Your character description must only include information which describes the physical look of your character and/or their vocal description.
      • Vocal descriptions are not mandatory.
    • Your character description must match the picked model (you cannot write that you are a white male whilst you pick a black model).
  • Permanent Kills
    • Your character may be permanently killed under any number of circumstances, including but not limited to:
      • Executed by the Union.
      • Executed by another character within a valid reason.
      • Killed whilst attempting to attack another character.
      • Killed after having posed an immediate and valid threat to another character.
      • Killed during combat initiated by another character, where the other character had a valid reason to kill your character.
      • Dictated as such by event staff for a specific event.
      • A staff member has dictated such.
    • If you feel that your character has been killed wrongfully, you may post an appeal on the forums.
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